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The Diet of Bookworms 00 – Introduction and Invitation to Join Us


December 3, 2014 by Bookworm

Welcome!  Please allow us to introduce you to The Diet of Bookworms!

We kept this one short and sweet – in five minutes or so you’ll find out a bit more about the Bookworms, what we’re doing with this podcast and how, if you like good books too,  you can join us!


For Next Time:

We’re reading two essays from a collection of C.S. Lewis’ writings titled God in the Dock.  If you aren’t interested in picking up a copy you can find both essays for free online at the following links:

1.) “Xmas and Christmas: A Lost Chapter from Herodotus
2.) “What CHRISTMAS means to me…” (PDF; you can download a free PDF viewer HERE)

To Tim Challies for the use of the domain and title of our podcast.  Check out his work at
To our friend Daniel Lowhorn for the intro and exit music from his song “The Hopeless” found on his album Dawn.

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